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Test shoot using the Litepanels Gemini and a rather nice single malt.

I enjoy a nice bottle shot and often the product as well, but what really interests me in this recent shot is not just the lovely single malt, but the background. Specifically the even gradient of colour and quality of light in this background. Its worth mentioning that this shot is pretty much out of camera - tiny bit of retouching on the bottle but the background is left original. I usually shoot small products using a colorama or vinyl background to create the set but this I shot in a white cove using two Litepanels Gemini soft LED panels mixed with my Profoto D2 heads.

The Litepanels give a beautiful even wash of coloured light and with the ability to dial in any colour you can think of, the creative applications are endless. I still love to use flash to create a strong sharp light for the product and when you are invested in a light system with all the modifiers it would take a good argument to move away. But I am really impressed with how effortlessly the Litepanels blended into the work flow and brought something new to the table.


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