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Vars Disc for Spoon Customs

carbon road bike on winnats pass with valley in background

I have shot a lot of bikes for Spoon Customs over the years and one of my most memorable shoots was to capture the Vars Disc. We usually shoot the bikes in a studio, taking time to capture all the details, but for this one we ventured out to shoot this special bike in its natural habitat.

Winnats Pass in the Peak District plays host to a legendary hill climb. The route takes you out of the Hope valley and gains 188 metres in 1.6km.

The Vars would be an ideal bike to tackle Winnats and was a beautiful location for our shoot. We set off early and armed with the super traffic stopping power of a couple of hi-vis and my Profoto B10 Plus head we shot the Vars in record time as a threatening rain cloud moved towards us with purpose, hell bent on washing us out.

Job done we retired to the van to download and check the shots. Some shoots just happen like this, fast paced, excited on the edge and a little bit of that drama seeps into the image.

carbon road bike on winnats pass with valley in background

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