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Award winning Bike photography

I recently won an award for this image of a mountain bike in the commercial category of the British Institute of Professional Photography regional awards. The image was shot in a studio and is pretty much as it came out of the camera.

I lit the bike using Profoto D4 and pro heads, with a combination of a strip box and overhead soft box. The background was lit using colour changeable led lights shining to the back of the infinity cove.

A haze machine was used to create the smoke, a few layers of which were built up in post to capture the interesting swirling effects.

Mountain Bike, shot in a studio with smoke and blue light in the background

For the bike fans, the mountain bike is an Orange P7, 29” wheel version. This steel framed hardcore hardtail from British bike company Orange is a bit of a classic and one close to my heart as I still have one from a few years back and is one of my favourite bikes I have owned. A lot of miles and good times have been invested in that frame, so this picture is a testament to a true classic British mountain bike.

Orange P7 Mountain bike shot in a studio with plain grey background

To see some more of my work , head over to Cycling photography section of this website.

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